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win salted caramel delights

“The combination of sweet and savoury always leaves you craving more,” says our founder Julian, “and this pudding really hits the spot.” He’s talking about our all-new salted caramel little pots, now available from Waitrose and Ocado – handmade with double cream, sticky caramel and a hint of Cornish sea salt, and totally irresistible.To celebrate, we’re giving away a case of 4 packs in our prize draw. Better enter before they’re all gone!


win a Colombian adventure

We’re offering one lucky winner an unforgettable trip for two – to the sustainable cocoa farm in beautiful Colombia where our chocolate is grown.Plus, every single day, we’ll have a runner-up prize of a bag of goodies made by the local artisans we help support, with ten more to give away in a bonus draw.


a lighter pot to hit the spot

Top puds need top ingredients, as every good chef knows. So when making our new range of lighter, guilt-free puddings, we start with the best fresh fruit and the richest, deepest chocolate – no exceptions, ever. After all, pudding is far too important to compromise on.




At Pots & Co, we believe a proper pudding should steal the meal. So we hand-make ours in their individual ceramic pots, from our kitchen in London. That way, we know you’ll always get a perfect pud.


See the whole Range

Our potted puds are simply brilliant – they’ll make mealtimes and events truly remarkable. With everything from fruity numbers to chocolatey creations, we've got something for everyone. That's pudding sorted!

Our Pots

All our puds come in the colourful, ceramic pots we bake them in – that’s what gives them their signature depth and intense creaminess. And they’re pretty useful around the house, too.

About Us

Pots & Co was born out of a wish to create exceptional puds using the finest ingredients – for everyone to enjoy. And ever since, we’ve been passionate about making puddings the proper way.


feeling fruity?

From wonderful Willamette raspberries to Alphonso mangoes, our fruity puds are packed full of the finest ingredients.

chasing chocolate?

Rich, velvety and frankly irresistible – our chocolate pots are real crowd-pleasers. So for potted puds made with top Colombian cocoa, you know where to come.


our stockists

Craving our delicious pots? Have no fear – they’re available in the fridges of all the best supermarkets.


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